AWS for Beginners [eBook]

The book will help build foundational concepts for AWS. You will learn about popular AWS services EC2, S3, and IAM and AWS foundational concepts Availability Zones, Regions, AWS Global Infrastructure, and many more from an introductory perspective to build solid foundational concepts AWS.

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The book will help build foundational concepts AWS. First, we will start with cloud computing basics. Once you have gained a basic understanding of cloud computing, you start learning AWS. We will begin with AWS, how it compares with its competitors, the types of services it provides, why AWS is so popular. Then you will learn how to sign up, AWS free tier, multi-factor authentication, and different ways to access AWS. You will also learn about AWS Global Infrastructure, AWS Regions, and AWS Availability Zones. Then, you will learn about EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), which is the AWS IaaS type of service to launch virtual servers on AWS. Next, you will learn how to launch an EC2 instance and set up a web server on EC2. Then you will learn about IAM (Identity and Access Management service). You will also understand S3 (Simple Storage Service). It is a very popular AWS service. You will learn how to create a bucket on S3 and store objects on S3.

We will also get a high-level understanding of how AWS approaches the security and compliance of deployed applications. In addition, we will get an overview of the AWS cloud computing platform covering many popular AWS services. And finally, the book provides an overview of many AWS Services, which you may find helpful in many AWS certification exams, and a general wide understanding of different service offerings from AWS.

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