3 Ways to Access the AWS Platform

The AWS platform can be accessed using three ways:

  • AWS Management Console
  • Command Line Interface( AWS CLI)
  • Software Development Kit(AWS SDK)

The first one is using AWS Management Console, in which you log in to the AWS website. Then,  you can access services using the  AWS Management Console.  The concept is very much similar to how you access a Web application using any Web browser.

The next one is using AWS CLI, which is AWS Command Line Interface. It is conceptually very similar to running any command on a Windows command prompt or a Unix shell. The AWS CLI is handy for AWS DevOps and Developers who want to access AWS with just a few commands quickly. In other words, AWS CLI is a faster alternate choice.

The third and final one uses AWS SDK, a shorter form of Software Development Kit. AWS has SDK to access the AWS platform using programming languages in  Java, Python, Node.js, .Net, Ruby, PHP, C++, Go, and JavaScript.  The AWS SDK is used mainly by AWS DevOps and Developers.

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