AWS Customer Enablement Services: High-Level Overview

AWS has some important services in the Customer Enablement Services category. These services help customers to get AWS support, finish projects faster,  operate AWS infrastructure more efficiently. It also has a service for startup companies to jump-start with AWS quickly.


The first service in this category is AWS IQ. The service helps you finish your project faster. In addition, the service provides AWS Certified freelancers and consulting firms. Pay directly through AWS only when work is complete, and you are satisfied.

AWS Support

The next service is AWS Support. As the name says, this service provides various ways to get you to support if you need it. There are types of support plans: Basic, Developer, Business, and Enterprise. The default support plan is Basic; basically, 24×7 access to customer service, documentation, white papers, support forums, AWS trusted advisor, and AWS Personal Health Dashboard.

AWS Managed Services(AMS)

AWS Managed Services (AMS) helps you operate your AWS infrastructure more efficiently and securely. AMS Leverages AWS services and a growing library of automation, configurations, and run books to augment and optimize your operational capabilities in new and existing AWS environments.

Whether customers are just getting started, migrating a data center, or building optimized solutions in the cloud, AMS helps provide operational flexibility, enhanced security, compliance, and cost optimization.

This lets you focus on transforming your applications and business in the cloud and let AMS takes care of the rest.

Activate for Startups

And the final one in this category is Activate for Startups. This service helps startups access the resources they need to quickly start on AWS – including credits, training, and support.

They have two packages:

One is the Founders package for startups not associated with an accelerator, incubator, venture capital firms, or other startup organizations.

The other is the Portfolio package for startups associated with an accelerator, incubator, venture capital firms, or other startup organizations.

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