Amazon AR & VR, and Blockchain Services: High-Level Overview

In the Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality category, AWS has Amazon Sumerian service. Using this service, you can build AR and VR applications.

Augmented Reality is mostly real, with a little bit of digital content overlay. On the other hand, in a VR use case, you are completely immersed in virtual reality. In other words, in VR, there is nothing about the real world around you that you are actually aware of. So that was very brief about VR & VR.

Amazon Sumerian

To develop AR & VR applications, we use Amazon Sumerian.  It is a full in-browser IDE for creating AR, VR, and third-party applications. Sumerian has pre-built scenes and functionalities which can help you get started easily. Additionally, there is integration to AWS services through the IDE and the AWS SDK as well.

So, what are the use cases for AR and VR? There are many.

You would want to build applications to let your viewer have experienced without being present at that place. In other words, to be more concrete, say if you would like to provide experiences to your users about how they would like to visit Disney Magic Kingdom Park. And, you would like to attach a tour guide. Again, you could use Sumerian to develop this application.

Furthermore,  you might have happened to find some items on the Amazon website, where you can view them in 3D. And then turn them around to feel how this item would be like in real life. So this is an example of an AR application.

These are some examples of use cases of AR and VR. Essentially, you can use Amazon Sumerian to build AR and VR applications. In addition to developing the application, you can easily integrate the application to the other AWS services.


In the Blockchain category, Amazon has provided Amazon Managed Blockchain service. Amazon Managed Blockchain service is a fully managed service that makes it easy to join public networks. Also,  it can create and manage scalable private networks using Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum frameworks.

You can write smart contracts and applications and run them on the blockchain network to transact securely.

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